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Do you want to break through the noise with visually strong content? Content that people actually want to see? And to be able to get the feeling just right... Wow that's just an insane feeling isn't it? 


We do: 

  • Video productions

  • Photography

  • And of course always in a storytelling way


The company is run by Emma Franzén, who has many years of experience within the field as well as a bachelors in communication. She can both work as both a solo player on a production since she has competency from the start to the finish or with a team when this is necessary. She has worked with many commercial clients, NGOs as well as SVT and TV4. She works all over the world, but is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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"Emma Franzén is an outstanding video creator whose precision, professionalism, and eye for detail are highly recommended. We felt extremely safe and secure hiring her for our projects, thanks to her ability to always exceed expectations. We warmly recommend Emma to anyone looking for high-quality visual content."

“Thank you for an amazing film and a very successful collaboration. In addition to the film far exceeding our expectations, Emma is also amazing to work with. She is pleasant, full of ideas and most importantly very able and knowing. We already had high expectations, but Emma exceeded them all. A big thank you again!”

Nina Puskar, CMS Wistrand

Nathalie Steffner, Expand Limitless

“It has been a privilege to work with Emma and her extraordinary commitment has truly set her apart. During the entire process we felt comfortable knowing that she knew exactly what we were after with the film. She also considered all the small details that I myself didn’t even know mattered. Emma goes the extra mile and she does it with enthusiasm and commitment. Do you want quality and at the same time have a fun experience, then Emma is the only choice.” 

Tove Lindgren, Raoul Wallenberg Academy 

"We have truly appreciated working with Emma. Her commitment and guidance from start to finish have been invaluable. She has helped us refine our original ideas and hasn't hesitated to ask the tough questions to ensure we achieve a result we are completely satisfied with. The whole time, it felt like Emma was just as invested as we were in making the final outcome as good as possible. If you're looking for someone who can take your idea to the next level, and have fun along the way, I highly recommend Emma.”

Malin Hägg, Bara Vanlig


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Don't hesitate to give us a shout out! 


Gothenburg, Sweden, worldwide

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