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Do you want to break through the noise with visually strong content? Content that people actually want to see? And to be able to get the feeling just right... Wow that's just an insane feeling isn't it? 


We do: 

  • Video productions

  • Photography

  • And of course always in a storytelling way


The company is run by Emma Franzén, who has many years of experience within the field as well as a bachelors in communication. She can both work as both a solo player on a production since she has competency from the start to the finish or with a team when this is necessary. She has worked with many commercial clients, NGOs as well as SVT and TV4. She works all over the world, but is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Don’t hesitate to give her/us a shout out!




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Don't hesitate to give us a shout out! 


Gothenburg, Sweden, worldwide

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